Monday, June 6, 2016

Bradley County Voter Registration 1867

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____ Rice Rufus N. Rice John McFarland Jesse Boyett James K. Rice Leonidus G. Harris William Hall John Ederington James L. Childs William A. Morgan McDonale Morgan James M. Boyett Edwin R. Tugwell J. N. McKinney James K. Douglas Robt. B. Tinsley W. M. Richardson John E. Reaves Absalom Langston John W. Maroney Isaac T. W. Langston Woody Davis Chas. McDougal Robert M. McDougal Elias King William Simmons James H. Smith Augustus S. Harvey John Evans J. Dickey B. Leander King Henry A. _____ Geo. W. Morgan Madison L. Rice Eli Amason William Pierce Frank N. Tidwell Eli N. Mason Robbin Brown – colored Andrew Hall – colored Benj. Childs – colored George Bull – colored Peter Belans – colored Cyrus Hathorn – colored Robt. Childs – colored Oliver Davis – colored George Davis – colored Wade Coleman – colored Stinson Bragg – colored Samuel Cotham – colored Jacob Bealan – colored Moro Childs – colored David Aiken – colored Andrew J. Tidwell – colored Jacob Bragg – colored Marion Bragg – colored Burwel Hall – colored Emmet Hathorn – colored George Ganaway – colored Mim Bealum – colored Abraham Belum – colored Samuel Y. Russell B. C. Weir Henry Evans Zadock Tucker Wm. L. Lee John Martindale James Heimidon[?] Jacob Turner Jos. P. Hall William K. Hall John M. Hall George W. Hall Walter W. Weir Geo. W. Faulkner Jas. Z. Lee Wm. G. Furlough Jerry Bragg – colored Geo. Wallace – colored Anderson Wallace – colored Wm. J. Ederington J. T. Ederington Geo. M. Langston Wm. T. Clements Geo. Hathorn John Dickey Louis Childs – colored Primus [?] Morman – colored Primus Smith – colored Joseph Childs – colored Albert Ederington – colored C. C. Childs James Burke Bennett Cooper John Merrill H. W. Dickey T. H. Montgomery M. McLeod Oliver Davis – colored Samuel W. Dickey A.W. Simmons William Cox
Voter Registration
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On March 23, 1867, Congress passed legislation that called for a registration of qualified voters in each military district. The registrant had to take an oath stating that he was not disqualified by law from voting. Those ineligible included Confederate veterans with a rank of major or above; Any person who had previously taken an oath as a member of Congress, as an officer of the United States, as a member of any state legislature or who had later engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the United State, or gave aid or comfort to the enemies. Local military authorities often interpreted this prohibition to include anyone who had held any kind of office, thereby preventing a number of otherwise eligible citizens from voting. The 1867 Voter Registration includes names of voters who registered in the period between 1867 and 1869. Clay Township, Bradley County, 4th Election Precinct


  1. Great Post. I am familiar with the Tidwells. Especially Clary Tidwell who had children with Mike Green from Bradley Arkansas. Oliver Davis and Pete Belin are two of my GG Grandfathers, who are listed on your 1867 voters list post, (above) who were able to vote despite the inability to read and write. I am doing research on my family lines, Belin, Davis, Hampton, Hall, Trotter, etc.etc.etc. Bradley County Arkansas Area. I enjoyed your work, and look forward to reading more from you. I do not know a great deal about the Tidwells, but they seem to intersect with many of my ancestors. If you did your DNA, I did mine and have registered on Gedmatch, 23 and me, as well as ancestry. How cool would it be if we match? Thanks again. Love your work! Kelly

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for reading I'm still trying to piece it altogether.

    2. Hi again Kelly Yes I have DNA tested on all 3 DNA companies. I am also on gedmatch. I know that Sterling Tidwell married Sallie Belin. Sterling Tidwell may be the brother of Andrew Tidwell (great great grandfather) but not his father. I know that Jackson Tidwell my great great grandfather's son married Martha Davis, so even if you and I do not share any great grandparents there is a relationship through marriages. The names you've mentioned are all names that show in my DNA matches. I would indeed love to share info.